SHAD Day 2

Today, we started off with a Thought of the Day introducing Independance Day. The Thought of the Day is meant to spark our thoughts in the morning. Afterwards, we began our SHADSpeaks which began really well as SHADs started to introduce themselves, their passions, or experience. Paintball, exercise, harassment, and different perspectives of life and the way we view the world were all topics mentioned or presented by fellow SHADs. Even though the speeches were only five minutes long, I felt inspired and motivated to become a better person and view something from different perspectives. Afterward, we had a small lecture about how to introduce and thank a guest speaker. For introducting a speaker, Erin taught us to use the acronym T-S-I:

        Topic - understand the subject + title of the presentation
        Speaker - research the background and qualifications of the speaker
        Importance - relate the topic back to the audience (why they care)

For thanking a speaker, Erin gave us three guidelines:

  1. Statement of gratitude
  2. Statement of value
  3. Future looking statement

Meghan then gave us a lecture about her research in blood-contracting devices where she took a complex topic (for someone who did not understand) and made it simple. She taught us about medical devices and biocompatability especially relating to cardiovascular diseases. After lunch, we continued learning about the design process from yesterday and refined our understanding of the three steps.

  1. Understanding the Challenge
    • understanding what we do / do not know
    • research through a beginner's eyes
    • synthesize + interpret data to identify problems + uncover
    • frame opportunities as "How Might We..." questions
  2. Ideation
    • rules
      • defer judgement
      • one conversation at a time
      • check the problem statement
      • focused
      • encourage wild ideas
      • build off each other
      • be visual
      • go for quantity
    • steps
      • Generation of ideas
      • Clustering of Ideas
      • Selected a few -> analyze pros + cons, practability of each
      • Analyze to select final
  3. Ideas into Action
    • Prototyping / proof-of-concept -> quick and just for show
    • Communication of the Prototype
    • Share + evolve your ideas

Afterwards, we had REC where we played a four-way game of Capture the Flag. (I accidentally ran into my friend during the activity. I got some for him because I was to blame. Fortunately, he was okay afterwards.) After dinner, we were split into groups and had a theater performance where each group presented their side of a modern dilemna including chocolate vs. vanilla (our group), Apple vs. Mac, pineapple on pizza or not, etc. Our presentation lacked in some areas because of time management issues as well as the fact that we judged ideas during brainstorming. The group couldn't focus and veered off track several times which may have hindered our performance. Finally, we had house meetings where we shared our one word story with everyone.